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MIQA Documentation

MIQA (Medical Image Quality Assurance) is a tool for medical researchers that work with digital medical scans. Medical imaging is subject to many variables, so an important part of conducting research with these images is quality assurance. The review process involved in quality assurance can sometimes be laborious for large sets of images, requiring multiple reviewers to sort through the sets. MIQA is built to streamline the workflow of the reviewers, making it easier to mark images as “usable” or not. It is also built to be collaborative with a two-tier review flow and annotation features including in-app tags and comments and sending email to coordinate reviews. The tool also includes insights from automatic image evaluations provided by neural networks which have been trained to detect scan anomalies.

This documentation includes a user guide and an administrator guide.

The user guide will explain features of MIQA for the end user wishing to participate in image reviews for an institution or research effort that already has MIQA set up by an administrator. If you do not have an instance of MIQA available to you, you will need to set one up by following the administrator guide.